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Joseph Merritt & Company is now an authorized reseller and system integrator for eFileCabinet. This state-of-the-art cloud-based platform allows you to securely archive and retrieve all your documents in one easy to use portal.

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Poor HR document management makes the already complicated world of Human Resources much more difficult. Streamline your workload and reduce your costs by using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly HR document management software available. Merritt eFileCabinet can help your human resources agency increase efficiency and compliance with ease.

Birth certificates, social security cards, business licenses, and marriage licenses are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to never-ending paperwork that you face as a government worker. A considerable amount of the work you do on a daily basis can be automated and organized with the help of Merritt eFileCabinet, a trustworthy document management system, effortlessly in just a few simple steps.

Merritt eFileCabinet will save time, money, and headaches, as we help you to simplify processes, regain valuable work space, reduce clutter, and more! And, we understand the education industry! We have hundreds of schools, school districts, and universities who have successfully reduced their paperwork in the classroom, offices, and other departments. We know you are paper-heavy with file rooms full of documents and other data required to operate a school.

Rather than tying users to a computer, the use of completely cloud-based online storage allows Merritt eFileCabinet users to access documents absolutely anywhere while onsite. Becoming freed from the attachment to physical documentation allows construction professionals to become more efficient and organized in keeping up with the various documentation necessary over the course of a project.

HIPAA is one of the most well-known security regulations. As a healthcare worker, you must follow its standards to a tee to protect your patients and remain compliant. Switching to a digital document management platform is not only important, but making the choice on the right platform will make all of your compliance worries disappear.

As an accountant, your office is likely overflowing with filing cabinets to keep your clients’ tax information safe. Knowing the best method for tracking all these documents is probably a challenge that you’ve faced throughout your career. Luckily, Merritt eFileCabinet can automate all of your document management work.

As an insurance professional, you likely have an office that is overcrowded with filing cabinets. Your work is cut out for you when filing any new insurance claim. Every aspect of your redundant work can be simplified and automated when you use Merritt eFileCabinet as your document management tool.

How do you send and receive files from clients, partners, or any other outside party? Do you know the risk associated with sending confidential information via email? Or the potential liability of a flash drive?

If you are sending or receiving documents via email, flash drive, fax, or snail mail, your department is liable for any breach of information. That’s a business-breaking risk that is easily avoidable with Merritt eFileCabinet’s award-winning file-sharing feature.

In addition to streamlining your workflow and increasing productivity, Merritt eFileCabinet is also very secure. We’re familiar with both the ethical and practical concerns of practicing law and legal document management. That’s why we’ve designed our bank-grade security infrastructure to safeguard your data, comply with regulations, and ensure that your confidentiality issues are effectively addressed. No longer worry about digital rights management, audit trails, and the complicated security requirements involved in housing a data room.

Merritt eFileCabinet’s secure file-sharing feature is a highly encrypted alternative to breach-susceptible email. In addition to bank-grade, 256-bit AES and SSL information security, our platform lets you share large file sets without having to remove the information from the portal—drastically reducing the possibility that sensitive data is compromised.

  • Customizable Security

    Many industries often work with confidential information. To stay compliant, Merritt eFileCabinet has customizable security. You can require a user to change their password after a specified amount of time or require two-factor authentication.

  • File Versioning

    Versioning saves all versions of a document in one accessible location. If an administrator or auditor needs to see an earlier version of a file, they can access them with ease.

  • Role-based Permissions

    Administrators of a system can set up access permissions based on user groups, making it easier to grant access to locations only to authorized users. Permissions ensure the only people allowed to access certain documents are the ones who are authorized.

  • Audit Trails

    Audits have never been as stress-free as they are with Merritt eFileCabinet. You can effortlessly see who viewed, edited, or downloaded a document so you never have to spend hours preparing for an audit again.

  • Encrypted

    When sharing files with parties outside the organization, many compliance standards require some level of encryption during transfer. eFileCabinet utilizes bank-level 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption standards.

  • Governance

    Set the rules regarding the lifespan of individual documents or groups. Retention rules allow you to determine what happens when its retention deadline is met. Documents that require levels of indelibility and integrity can be locked from deletion or editing.

  • Full Text Search

    The average filing cabinet holds thousands of papers. Instead of sifting through files, use a full-text search to find the exact phrase that you are looking for with just a few keystrokes.

  • Terabytes of Storage

    Merritt eFileCabinet has enough storage space to store millions of documents. Even the largest organizations won’t run out of space. (And if you still think that’s not enough, we can work with you).

  • HIPAA Compliant

    Our audit tracking and role-based user permissions help maintain compliance with all major personnel and human resources regulations, including HIPAA, eSign, Department of Labor, IRS, and Homeland Security.

  • Document Request

    Send a document request to clients that contains a clear upload location. Once uploaded, the document is automatically filed to its proper location.

  • Zonal OCR

    Instead of manually filing scanned documents or attachments that new hires have sent you, Zonal OCR recognizes pertinent information, then files the documents based on your current file structure.

  • Easy Access

    Merritt eFilecabinet is a cloud-based platform which allows you to access your documents whenever and wherever you need.