REVVER for Government Agencies

Using government document management system software to run government agencies on any level — federal, state, or city municipality — eliminates a lot of cumbersome paperwork. Government offices have everything from Social Security information to business licenses. If the paper copies of these documents are stored in filing cabinets, the documents are open to theft or damage in the event of a natural disaster, but not with the right document management software.

In addition to the security risk storing documents in filing cabinets poses, you probably spend a lot of your time putting paper documents away or looking for documents that were misplaced or filed incorrectly. And looking for lost records costs money. You’ve probably thought that there has to be an easier way to manage all of your document management needs, right?

  • Business Licenses
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Building Permits
  • Meeting Agendas, Minutes
  • Budgets
  • Resolutions
  • Historical City Records
  • Zoning Documents
  • Public Records Requests
  • Maps/Drawings
  • Planning/Engineering Documents
  • Police Reports
  • Other Government Records

Manage Documents

REVVER offers an incredibly easy, intuitive, and affordable software system to manage all of your documents digitally. With REVVER, you can access all of your important documents within moments, and don’t have to worry about losing any important information. It’s all there, stored either on-premise or in the cloud.

REVVER can easily help you manage, store, and protect documents related to the operations of government. City and county governments enhance their Finance, Human Resources, Utilities, Land Management, Public Safety, and administrative operations by reducing paperwork. These improvements have led to greater citizen satisfaction and significant reductions in operating costs.

Protect Documents

Poor government document management means unnecessary chaos, poor services to citizens, and costs to your budgets. Don’t put your city, county, and your citizens at risk. Make sure you are using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly document management system available.

In addition to making access to your government documents easier to manage, REVVER also provides a secure setting to protect your documents. If your offices were flooded or suffered fire damage, how much information would you lose if your documents were still stored in filing cabinets? REVVER provides government document management software that eliminates the need for physical storage and provides a great digital environment to work in.

Your office will also save time and money by utilizing a digital government document management system. Processes will flow smoother, and the government employees will be more able to do their jobs as civil servants instead of filing away paperwork.

You honestly won’t believe how easy it is to go paperless — try it today!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

This industry journey only scratches the surface of what REVVER can do. Document management software can do incredible things for your business, not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Features like secure file-sharing, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centerpiece for any business of any size, in any industry.

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