REVVER is the Finance Record Management Solution

Why should financial records management professionals choose REVVER? Besides getting rid of the mounds of paperwork overtaking the office, there are several practical reasons for your office to convert to electronic document management.

The hassle of keeping necessary information in order and within specified time constraints can be eliminated by using an SEC compliant financial records management system. REVVER offers the industry’s best financial services document management solution for those working to satisfy SEC rules and regulations.

Compliance Woes?

No one feels the burden of compliance regulations quite like financial records management professionals. Complicated FINRA and SEC rules can cause great compliance grief for brokers and firms. Many honest firms fall out of compliance due to the sheer magnitude of proper financial records management and timely disposal of records, and human-imposed errors can make audits extremely stressful. You can manage the stress of regulatory documentation and demands with REVVER.

Secure File Sharing

Protect your firm and your clients by choosing REVVER as your financial records management solution, which includes a web portal that allows you to safely send files to your clients. Never worry about the security of your files or email again—this is network file sharing made easy. Protect you and your business and eliminate risk of virtual scams with the proper cybersecurity.

Keep Clients Happy

Sometimes it feels like clients think you have a financial crystal ball. It’s a big responsibility to manage multiple client portfolios in an ever-volatile market. Client expectations can be far from reasonable, and emotions run high when it comes to money.

Save Time. Make Money.

Poor information management makes the already complicated world of Financial Advisement and Brokerage even more difficult. Streamline your workload and your costs by using the most secure, robust, and user-friendly financial records management system available.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

This industry journey only scratches the surface of what REVVER can do. Document management software can do incredible things for your business, not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Features like secure file-sharing, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centerpiece for any business of any size, in any industry.

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