Document Management Software helps Accountants and Tax Experts

As a professional in the accounting industry, time is your most valuable—and limited—resource. But in this information-centered world where financial and business documents are plentiful and stress often skyrockets, your time may not be spent as efficiently as it could. REVVER can automate redundant document processes so you can receive more money for your accounting expertise, also resulting in easier management of bookkeeping, financial statements, accrual method plans, audits, balance sheets, and P&L statements.

Perhaps more than any other industry, successful accounting is dependent upon a constant and consistent dedication to increasing efficiency. Time saved is money earned. You may never have the luxury of a stress-free career with normal working hours, but eFileCabinet can significantly ease your load in a way other CPA software solutions simply can’t do.

What will your annual financial report say at the end of the fiscal year? You can rest assured using REVVER’s accounting document management software will work to your benefit.

The Accounting Professional’s Secret Weapon: Secure File-Sharing

How do you send and receive business files from clients, partners, or any other outside party? Do you know the risk associated with sending confidential information via email? Or the potential liability of a flash drive?

If you are sending or receiving financial documents via email, flash drive, fax, or snail mail, your department is liable for any breach of information. That’s a business-breaking risk that is easily avoidable with REVVER’s award-winning file-sharing feature.

Technology: Accounting Tools for Success

While the principles of accounting may not have changed much over the years, regulations, best practices, and software have changed significantly. Whether you’re relatively new to the industry or you’re an industry veteran, taking advantage of technological advances is key to your success.

Focus on Clients, Not File Cabinets

Want more time interacting with clients than file cabinets? Managing physical files for all of your accounts can directly cut into time otherwise spent on customer relationship management. Gaining and retaining a healthy client base—and keeping your clients happy—keeps you in business.


You manage sensitive information on a daily basis. Security is a top priority for anyone in the accounting industry. Avoid the costly liability associated with data breaches. Our protection features include 256-bit AES encryption, automatic backup, audit trails, role-based security management, a secure file-sharing portal, and more.


Is “compliance” a 4-letter word in your department? The legal requirements behind tax compliance regulations are complicated and ever-changing. Our tools help meet those legal requirements and maintain compliance with all major regulations, including HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, PPACA, Department of Labor, IRS, and Homeland Security. Merritt eFileCabinet is the safest option for managing your financial documents.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

This industry journey only scratches the surface of what Merritt eFileCabinet can do. Document management software can do incredible things for your business, not just allowing you to cut out paper, but also giving you the opportunity to streamline your everyday processes so you save more time and money. Features like secure file-sharing, eSignatures, mobile access, and automation tools, make this an all-in-one centerpiece for any business of any size, in any industry.

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