Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in the rapidly evolving world of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). Joseph Merritt & Company, a dedicated Matterport Service Provider, harnesses comprehensive 3D scanning services that capture projects with unmatched detail and accuracy.

Here’s how digital twin technology addresses five significant challenges in the AEC industry.

1. Reduction of Physical Site Visits

Traditionally, multiple site visits are necessary throughout a project’s lifecycle. Thanks to digital twin technology, the need for physical site visits is 75% reduced. This decreases travel expenses and time and minimizes the environmental impact associated with frequent site travels.

2. Decreased Costs for Site Surveys and BIM File Creation

Building Information Modeling (BIM) files and site surveys are typically costly and time-consuming. However, with the integration of Matterport’s advanced technology, site survey, and BIM file creation costs are reduced by 70%. The state-of-the-art Pro3 lidar camera can capture a job site in just one-third the time traditional survey-grade scanners require, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution.

3. Enhanced Collaboration Across Teams

Effective collaboration can significantly influence the timeline and quality of AEC projects. Through improved collaboration, digital twin technology facilitates a 30% cost and time savings. Stakeholders can access and review photorealistic, cloud-based captures of the site from any device, anywhere, facilitating better decision-making and keeping projects on schedule.

4. Resolution of Project Issues Before Escalation

Addressing project issues before they escalate is crucial for maintaining budget and schedule. Thanks to digital twin technology, up to 75% of potential project issues are resolved without needing escalation. This technology allows for virtual identification and resolution of issues, drastically reducing the risk of costly delays.

5. Streamlined QA/QC Workflows and Reduced Miscommunication

Digital twins serve as a single source of truth for all project stakeholders, significantly enhancing quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) workflows. By providing a detailed visual context, miscommunications are minimized, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page. Integrating detailed 3D data and imagery ensures that every project detail is precisely documented, reducing misunderstandings and errors.


Leveraging Matterport’s cutting-edge digital twin technology, Joseph Merritt & Company is transforming project management in the AEC industry. By solving critical challenges related to site visits, survey costs, collaboration, project management, and communication, projects reach completion faster, cheaper, and with higher quality than ever.

For architects, engineers, and construction professionals looking to advance their projects with the latest in digital innovation, Joseph Merritt & Company provides the tools and expertise needed. Discover a better way to design, build, and collaborate.