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Joseph Merritt & Company’s 3D Documentation services include a variety of digital formats and print options.

Key Features and Benefits

Go Beyond 3D Tours: Matterport digital twins provide you with an interactive and immersive experience, transforming the way you visualize and engage with spaces.

Add Notes: Collaborate with your team by adding comments within a 3D space, enabling effective communication.

Accurate Measurements: Create precise measurements, ensuring that your project planning and execution are flawless.

High-Quality Outputs: Generate stunning 4K print quality photos, schematic floor plans, and guided tours to showcase your project in its best light.

Versatile: Utilize Matterport digital twins for both print and digital applications, ensuring that your project shines wherever it appears.

Digital twin and 3D Documentation technology revolutionizes architecture by enhancing the design process, improving post-construction operations, and fostering seamless communication with clients. This cutting-edge tool empowers architects with invaluable insights, enabling smarter decision-making, enhanced collaboration, and immersive visualizations.

Gain valuable insights into your project’s behavior, usage, and potential failures. This innovative solution reduces costs and enhances support by providing a complete understanding of your device throughout its lifespan. By closely monitoring its stress capacity in real-world conditions, you’ll avoid wasteful material usage and unnecessary expenses.

Digital twins transform construction projects by creating accurate replicas of real-world spaces. With immersive 3D models, construction teams can seamlessly engage with the physical property during the design and planning phases without stepping on-site. By leveraging the power of digital twins, construction professionals can also experience enhanced safety planning and unrivaled space optimization.

Drive revenue across commercial properties with interactive 3D models and showcase property listings in an engaging & interactive format, ensuring property standouts.

Take your entire commercial real estate portfolio online with Matterport’s digital twin platform. Gain valuable property insights to optimize facility management, streamline capital planning, decrease vacancy, and transform every part of your business.

Utilize 3D models for efficient space planning, asset documentation, & maintenance tracking.

Review renderings and schematics for policy implementation and claim submissions.

Provide stakeholders and investors with real-time updates of production progress and renderings for review before completion for funding purposes.

Provide updated content and graphics for marketing and sales material before sites are complete for showings/live tours.

Retailers can quickly capture 3D virtual tours of in-store equipment, inventory, product selection and placement, POS displays, and much more to create a consistent brand experience across locations. Using this visual data, stores can plan, implement, and manage floor layouts and merchandising more efficiently than ever before.

What is 3D digital twin technology?

Digital twins are an exceptional way of capturing and sharing spaces in immersive 3D and can move the needle across many industry use cases.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is a visually immersive, accurate, and interactive 3D model of a real-world space. Allowing customers, teams, partners, and stakeholders to virtually interact with a physical property, Matterport’s digital twin platform is revolutionizing the way businesses manage and market their spaces.