Stand Out with a Wrapped Trailer

Using vinyl-wrapped vehicle graphics to enhance your trailer is an attractive way to give your workplace or home-away-from-home a higher profile. Whether you are a business looking to market your services or an individual looking to spice up your RV, customize the look of your trailer using custom graphics from Merritt Graphics that are unique to you.

Using vinyl for vehicle wraps is common, but wraps can be made for any rigid structure. Many wraps cover the whole area while others only cover parts. For example, a full wrap may include all sides, while a half wrap may cover only the front and back.

A wrap may be the best way to give your trailer a new look without damaging your paint job. Wraps also protect your structure’s surface and camouflage minor imperfections like dings and scratches.  If your wrap gets damaged, you can easily replace it with another. Depending on the type of wrap you purchase, it can last for four to five years.

Be bold!

Consider customizing your graphics with company branding, messages, or images that reflect specific projects. It’s not difficult to refresh the graphics if you want to highlight different projects, or the trailer is moved to a new site.

Be sure your graphics include:

  1. An easy-to-read web address.
  2. A statement of your areas of expertise.
  3. Eye-catching, memorable graphics.

When you’re planning text for your large format graphics, make sure it passes the “squint test.”  Print the design on letter-sized paper, stand back six feet, and squint at it. If you can easily read the text, it will be readable from a distance at the final size. If your graphics will be viewed by passing traffic, treat them like a billboard and limit yourself to 12 words or less. Studies show that is the maximum amount of information motorists can take in and retain.

While you’re wrapping the trailer, consider wraps for your trucks and equipment, too. Used consistently throughout your fleet, graphics can enhance brand awareness and help strengthen your market position.

Talk to us about wraps for your trailer and equipment today.