Out with the New and in with the Old: Why Direct mail is Proven more Effective with Non-Profit Organizations

In today’s digital age, we often turn to emails, texts, or phone calls to contact supporters because it’s fast, free, and accessible. I mean, who’s sending letters anymore? Direct mail marketing is far from dead and is now proven the most effective way to contact donors (Forbes.com).  

Direct mail marketing refers to sending physical mailings to supporters via the postal service.

     There are two types of direct mail campaigns: House file and Prospective. House file campaigns cater to an already recognized audience, those who have donated before. Whereas a prospective campaign targets potential supporters and a new audience. Although non-profit organizations are slowly leaning into the digital age, direct mail remains a priceless resource. Response rates of direct mail are ten times higher than those of digital marketing.

       Non-profit organizations often turn away from mailings because of the cost, usually higher than online channels. However, the increased engagement and donation levels make the price well worth it in the long run. Direct mail fundraising is the foundation of every successful non-profit organization in America today. This excellent form of communication is so effective because, in simple terms, people like receiving mail! According to the USPS, 55% of people said they “look forward” to seeing what’s in their mailbox. Meanwhile, 56% stated that receiving and reading mail is a “real pleasure.” (USPS.com)

 Contrary to popular belief, the younger generations appreciate physical marketing.

      The digital realm of email can be overwhelming, and sometimes messages are never read. Digital life is full of clutters. Direct mail offers unique, sincere, and refreshing to millennials who are far more likely than non-millennials to read and engage with direct mail (NonProfitPro.com).

       According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail achieves a 4.4% response rate, compared to 0.12% found for email. Every day, young adults are sent hundreds of emails promoting different companies, campaigns, etc. After a while, the overwhelming amount can become unbearable, and you just stop reading them. For the younger generations, physical letters are rare and attention-grabbing. Essentially, the marketing world has flipped itself; emails used to be fun and exciting, but now the paper is. Several organizations have also found using direct mail combined with a digital marketing element is the perfect combination for success, witnessing a 118% increase in response rate (Accudata.com). Direct Mail marketing is personal and allows organizations to develop a real connection with their donors as they face less competition.

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