The commercial printing industry is here to stay. The global market size will likely reach $790 billion by 2026. Factors attributing to this steady growth rate include the availability of high-quality printing papers for branding and advertising.

Commercial printing is critical for business growth. The average consumer judges your business depending on the quality of promotional materials. Moreover, consumers find print media more appealing than digital marketing campaigns such as social media.

However, getting a quality commercial printing service can be pretty daunting. Every company on the internet promises to deliver at affordable rates, but what you may end up with is disappointment and subpar values that don’t match your investment value.

So, how do you handpick the right commercial printing service? Have these factors in mind when doing your research.

1. Certifications and Legal Compliance

Working with unlicensed companies can be pretty risky for your business. You don’t want to invest in a business that can close anytime and disappear with your money because of incompliance.

Ensure you work with a company that has a valid license to operate within your state. Most importantly, pay them a visit at their physical headquarters.

Don’t trust everything they tell you in emails and text messages. Go there and witness it yourself.

2. Reasonable Costs of a Commercial Printing Service

For a business to grow beyond limits, you must minimize operating costs. Comparing printing costs among different companies will help you score relatively affordable rates. Don’t be afraid to bargain, especially after launching a startup.

Moreover, many service providers usually agree to discounts if you place bulk orders. It’s also imperative to note that printing costs reflect quality. Ensure whatever you pay matches the value of what you’re getting.

3. Check Samples and Customer Reviews

All your commercial printing company options should publish samples on their site. You can also find client testimonials on the home page. Go through these testimonials and verify them with the said clients to determine if they are true.

After that, check other consumer sites for customer reviews. Reading online reviews allows you to gauge the kind of customer experience offered by the company.

4. Ask for Direct References

Do you have a friend who outsources commercial printing services? Do you love the quality of their promotional materials? If yes, you should ask for a direct reference from this friend.

However, ask questions before contacting the referred company. You want to know whether the service provider can match your business needs. For instance, you would want to associate with eco-friendly printing solutions.

5. Availability and Open Communication Lines

In every business dealing, open communication lines are critical. If the company is going to deliver to your expectations, the staff should engage you constantly before making decisions. Most importantly, they should update you on the progress of your projects.

Look for a company that leverages modern technology for collaboration. The printer should liaise with your in-house marketing team effectively. You also want frequent consultation meetings to ensure you’re on the same page.

Build Your Brand With Commercial Printing

A commercial printing service allows you to engage your prospective customers through direct mail advertising. Outsourcing this service from a reputable company will put you ahead of the competition and sustain your brand for ages to come.

Embrace commercial printing and turn your goals into reality. Contact us today for expert insights into a custom printing service for small businesses.