What is variable data printing? And how can it serve customers and help businesses grow?

Variable data printing is a valuable form of digital printing, including on-demand printing.  The data helps businesses and companies cut print pieces that stand out and demand attention in a crowded marketing world.

Variable print data means automatic production of personalized printed material. It’s often been described as a direct outgrowth of digital printing. This type of printing harnesses computer data bases and digital print devices, then uses software to create full-color documents.

Variable data printing’s connection to automated processing means a greater way to bring individual characteristics to every piece of printed material that’s created. In other words, if variable data printing is being used in a direct mail ad campaign, every piece of material created in the variable data process can look unique.

Images can be used in different ways on different pieces of material. Individual pieces of marketing material can have their own look. This allows the printed material of a direct mail campaign to deliver an individual message within the framework of the campaign. This also allows thousands of potential customers to each receive a message individually tailored to them. At the same time, the material is staying true to the message of the campaign.

There are several levels of variable data printing. This is where Joseph Merritt & Company can help you get the most out of variable data printing. Merritt Graphics realizes that creating high-quality marketing messages is a way for a company to show how it can service the needs of an individual customer. Personalized pieces of material dramatically increase direct mail response rates. This is especially useful with postcards, newsletters and welcome brochures.