In an era where our attention flutters from one digital spectacle to another, there’s one marketing tool that endures amidst the chaos: print. It doesn’t flicker out when the power dies nor does it fall victim to the dreaded ‘404 Error’. Instead, it holds its ground, presenting a narrative in a form that’s as constant as it is captivating.

The Sensory Appeal of Print

Consider the last time you picked up a thoughtfully printed brochure. The weight of the paper, the texture, perhaps even the faint scent of ink—all part of a sensory experience that digital mediums cannot replicate. It’s a visceral interaction that invites engagement. These physical attributes of print materials create a multi-dimensional relationship with your audience, crafting an intimate connection that digital screens cannot forge.

To get the most from your print communications, add tactile elements to your materials. Our gloss varnishes, 3D textures, and laminates elevate brochures, booklets, and mailers into touchable, memorable communication tools.

Print vs. Digital: The Reliability Factor

While digital content is notoriously ephemeral, disappearing with a swipe or a click, print is a stalwart. It’s always there, consistently presenting your message without fear of a dead battery or a lost connection. Let’s examine this with an illustrative scenario: a local bakery releases a recipe book. In print, it becomes a treasured kitchen companion; digitally, it risks becoming just another e-book in the cluttered ether of information. This isn’t to discredit digital; it’s to recognize the unique, unwavering value print brings to the table.

Our booklets and multipage brochures help you deliver an impressive “plop effect” with binding options that aren’t limited by page count. Choose from glue-edge perfect binding saddle-stitching, spiral, or comb binding publishing options.

Larger than Life: Environment Graphics Make an Impact

We’ve seen firsthand how environmental graphics can revolutionize a brand’s presence. Take, for example, a community bookstore that lined its storefront with bold, elegant window film featuring designs drawn from literature. Passersby, previously oblivious, begin to stop, read, and enter, drawn by the allure of their favorite classics. Or consider the performance event that announces its opening by erecting unforgettable multi-story banners. Or make note of the Smart Car, fully wrapped in cheerful vinyl graphics zipping through the city as it promotes the local cupcake bakery delivery service.

Graphics in the environment have the power to surprise and delight viewers. They can transform mundane objects into exciting advertising opportunities. As they bring art and design to the community, they carry their brand sponsors with them.

Ask us about vehicle wraps, exterior wall graphics and jumbo banners. Our professional production and installation ensures your project looks great and meets your needs perfectly.

Maximize Print in Your Marketing Strategy

How, then, can you harness the enduring power of print for your brand? It starts with design that doesn’t just inform but delights. It’s about considering how to engage more of the senses to create marketing tools that feel as good as they look. And it’s about crafting materials that serve a purpose beyond their immediate use, perhaps even becoming assets to the community environment. When print adds value, it becomes a part of the consumer’s world, a constant reminder of your brand’s message and values.

In our culture, so quick to click away, print persists as a tangible, reliable medium. It’s an embodiment of your brand that people can touch, trust, and treasure. From the sensory appeal that beckons an audience to the durable nature that outlasts the digital deluge, print is not just a medium; it’s a message in itself—one that lasts. In your next campaign, consider the power of print and watch as your message moves from being merely seen to being sustained.

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