If you are a business owner and you’ve researched signs for advertising, you’ve likely seen the phrase, “aesthetically pleasing”.  This still just means an advertising sign should look good. Remember, signs need to be seen to be effective. Today’s consumer is hit with waves of information from all types of mediums. This means most people are a bit calloused when it comes to “casual advertising”.

The printed word will always carry a lot of power. This can work as an advantage to advertisers and consumers.

You need to make a smart decision about what you want from your outdoor sign. Include things like your brand and your logo. Your sign needs to be colorful, but also easily identifiable. The sign also needs to be easy to read. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are a surprising number of signs out there that are hard to read or are unclear on a message. This lack of awareness will cost a business money. It also means a loss of potential customers, because people won’t be able to see the sign or give it a second thought.

Make sure those letters on the business sign can be spotted from several feet away. Use large format graphics in effective ways. Use contrasting colors in the lettering to help the sign “stand out” in a crowded consumer area. A small sign with an uninspiring design and color is just taking up space. Many potential customers will only have a few seconds to notice your sign before they continue on their merry way. It’s important to make that lasting impression.

Joseph Merritt & Company can help. Merritt Graphics offers a variety of signage including: dimensional letters, acrylic, metal and soft signage. We have a team of trained installers ready to help you create the most effective sign for your business. Call us today to find out how to make the most of your company signage.