Merritt Graphics, a division of Joseph Merritt & Co., has begun 2007 by purchasing the Jeti 3150 UV TRUE Flatbed printer to give more versatility to their line of production printers and hopes to capitalize on a red hot market. Ed Perry, President & CEO for Joseph Merritt Company in Hartford, Connecticut, really evaluated the decision on what would be the next step Merritt Graphics should take to become a full production company. “We have a long standing relationship with our other printer manufactures and still rely on them, but went with the Jeti 3150UV printer in this case. The machine is really well thought out, from the basic engineering of the machine to the subtle attributes like automatic capping process.” “We’d been seriously considering added a Jeti Printer since 2004. The decision was a natural choice because the Jeti complements the other machines in our shop, it was a critical piece of equipment to complete the production shop puzzle,” adds Perry. It’s not surprising; the growing line of Jeti Printers from Gandinnovations consistently earns the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Merritt Graphics ordered the Jeti 3150UV printer because it produces at speeds far outmatching anything else on the market, making it possible to produce high quantities with multiple image changes, giving printers the ability to turn around normally higher-cost projects at traditional screen printing and conventional printing press prices. “It’s a fast machine. We’ve got some pretty demanding customers as far as turnaround time is concerned, and we can really produce with the Jeti printer.” Merritt Graphics says they were impressed with seeing the Jeti perform at tradeshows around the world but seeing it just wasn’t justification to actually owning the machine and putting it through the workhorse production that Gandinnovations promises. Merritt Graphics has been printing on demand vehicle graphics, banners/outdoor signage, custom displays/trade shows and POP displays for years and has earned a reputation for providing big color with unique visual impact. The Jeti 3150UV printer was selected by Merritt Graphics to complete its strategic growth plans and meet the needs of its customers. The printer is capable of reaching speed of up to 95m²/hr (1,023 sq. ft. /hr) and handles a variety of media including corrugated board, rigid plastics, sheet metal, lenticular, foam board, acrylic, reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, and paper. Jeti printers are made to be the best in the industry. For example, the Jeti 3150UV printer can print direct to substrate up to 2 inches thick, delivering incredibly detailed photographic images. The four-ton machine prints direct to plastics, display panels, trade show graphics, wall murals, poster board, tile, drywall, blinds, glass, fabric, vinyl and more. The highly specialized Jeti printers are made at Gandinnovations’ manufacturing plant in Toronto, Canada.

The worldwide sales and service operation is based out of San Antonio, Texas, with satellite offices in Canada, Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates and Belgium. Gandinnovations has a range of grand-format printers designed to meet the needs of the industry, including true 600 dpi, UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers, three and five-meter solvent printers, solvent printers using 12 or 24 Spectra print heads and offering many technological advantages, including an automated head wiping system, and high definition back-lit camera. Hundreds of Jeti Printers have been sold worldwide at costs ranging from $150,000 to $450,000 per printer. For more information about Gandinnovations and its products, visit the company’s website at, or call 210.344.9566. For more information about Joseph Merritt & Co. visit the company’s website at, or call 860.296.2500.

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