Joseph Merritt & Company, headquartered in Hartford, CT, offers a complete digitization service to archive documents. Documents of any size can be scanned and archived and are then easily accessible through custom document retrieval software.  Paper storage not only takes up space but makes records difficult to access.  The scanning and retrieval process is efficient, affordable, and reliable!  Nine specific steps are in place to ensure the process is convenient, secure and thorough for customers and the original documents can be returned or destroyed based on the client’s request.

Joseph Merritt & Company has been offering the digitization service for over 10 years and has a solid reputation built across many industries including health and science organizations, education, government, facility maintenance, manufacturing, construction and legal.  Not only does it increase security for sensitive documents and create backup files, but also saves physical space, decreases administrative costs and increases employee productivity.  “Archiving your content is not just a nice to have, it is a must-have. We see many clients contact us after a disaster to help them digitize their paper content, while others are wasting valuable real estate storing documents they can’t find or access. Merritt’s scanning, indexing, and digital storage services are helping our clients make sense of their archive and unlock the knowledge stored in cabinets and boxes,” said Kevin Perry, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer at Joseph Merritt & Company.

Joseph Merritt & Company:

Joseph Merritt & Company, founded in 1908 in Hartford, CT, provides national market capabilities with expert and dedicated resources to deliver superior print marketing solutions that maximize quality, productivity, and return on investment. They provide comprehensive graphic imaging and printing solutions to a diverse group of clients and are dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service, which is what separates them from the competition. The overall mission is to provide solutions for all of the graphic imaging, printing and marketing needs any business has.