We sometimes forget the endless possibilities when it comes to decorating office space or other interior areas. Whether you’re looking to spruce up the décor of a bland space or wanting to utilize an area for branding and advertising, Joseph Merritt & Company has brought innovative products and ways to do just that.

A perfect example, are blank walls and glass often found in commercial and retail spaces. While many just assume to keep these areas open, the opportunity to brand and design, yet keep the space open without clutter has never been more exciting.

Joseph Merritt & Company offers anything you can imagine, including:

  • Custom printed interior canvas
  • Vinyl Wall Graphics
  • Custom printed wallpaper
  • Custom Glass coverings
  • Custom Fabric Wall Frames
  • Custom privacy Glass Film
  • Applied wall graphics
  • Acrylic logos

Your Walls, Our Graphics, Your Image!

With all the possibilities, how do you begin to construct your vision for the space? Joseph Merritt & Company will assist you from start to finish with the expertise and capabilities to print any image, any size, any quantity and on any surface.

So now that you know the possibilities are endless with Joseph Merritt & Company, here are 3 great tips to consider before creating that vision:

  • Connect your brand to your space
    Most of the potential spaces are large and visible, making them a great place to design your graphics around your brand and identity. Here, you can make a bold statement that will lead to a longer impression on the audience viewing it.
  • The budget for the project
    Joseph Merritt & Company offers products that can fit any creativity and budget. Our graphic techniques are one of the reasons why Joseph Merritt & Company has been a leader in the coverings industry.
  • The right company for the job
    Since 1908, Joseph Merritt & Company has provided comprehensive graphic imaging and printing solutions to clients all over the country. We have the expertise and capability to print any image, any size, and on any surface.

While it may seem like an overwhelming challenge to decide where to begin, Joseph Merritt & Company is prepared to help, making it as easy and seamless as possible. Contact us today to learn more.