Archived paper content is like a dirty garage or attic – out of sight – out of mind. However, when a catastrophic event occurs, executives regret not having backed up their important business content using digital scanning and archiving When it comes to your personal precious photos, smartphone content, and other memories, individuals take the appropriate actions. The question is, why then do businesses not take the proper cautions to preserve their company’s document using digital scanning and archiving?

Think of What You Could Be Losing. Is It Worth the Risk?

Think of all the records that are essential to your business. What happens if and when any of the following are lost? Is this a risk you’re willing to take?

  • Construction documents
  • Infrastructure records
  • Maps and floor plans
  • Medical records
  • Deeds and mortgage
  • Bank records
  • State, county and city historical records
  • Business and personal records

Let Us Show You How to Create a Secure and Permanent Archive

Joseph Merritt & Company maintains a fleet of high-speed wide format scanners capable of scanning thousands of documents per day. Our equipment delivers excellent image quality no matter the age of the document and our technicians inspect each scanning document for quality. It is important to digitize business documents for improved searching and sharing.

One of the top reasons executives do not start the process of scanning and archiving content is both competing responsibilities and the fear of the unknown.

  • What effort is involved at the business level?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How will executives access this digital information once it is archived?

The solution is simple. An audit!

An Audit Includes the Following Items:

  • Estimated cost and time to digitize the paper
  • A proper indexing strategy for faster search and retrieval
  • Recommendations on technology/platforms (if needed) for archiving and retrieval
  • The process we will take to safe keep your paper while we digitize your paper; from pick up at your site to delivery of the digital files.

Joseph Merritt & Company is looking forward to scheduling an audit with your business to see if digitizing your documents is the step in the right direction for this ‘must have!’